CARE@home featured in iPad 2 video.

Today our newest app, CARE@home, was featured in a commercial trailer produced by Atea showcasing the iPad2.

The video shows how CARE@home will be used in the danish healthcare industry.

The trailer is in danish, and the CARE@home product is featured in the section about Hjørring Kommune.

CARE@home is an app produced for Rambøll Informatik, which is an addon for their existing suite of healtcare product under the label “Rambøll Care”.

The app was designed to run in the Apple iPad 2, using the built in videocamera for videoconferencing (via Skype).


twinFruits 1.1.2 update available in App Store

The v1.1.2 update to twinFruits, is now approved and available in the Apple App Store.

Enjoy the game ;-)


Current iPad project in the danish press.

One of the iPad projects, which we currently are developing, has been in the danish press ;-)

Read more about the project here : http://tdc.dk/element.php?dogtag=e_ins&id=18429


twinFruits update sent to Apple.

Today we fixed a bug in the twinFruits game, which affected the highscore list.

The new version of the game has already been shipped to Apple for approval, and the new version will be 1.1.2


LivingSmartTV app has been approved.

We are happy to present our newest app for the danish techblogger, Kenneth Wedmore Lund, which is called LivingSmartTV.

This app gathers all information and media from both www.kennethlund.dk and www.livingsmart.dk  into one single app, with blogs, twitter, tv shows, “gadget hot or not”, push notifications directly to your phone when new content has been created.

You can even watch all episodes of LivingSmartTV (aired on danish DK4) directly on your device.

The app is an universal app and runs on all iOS devices – the app is in danish only.

Read more about LivingSmartTV app here.


twinFruits v1.1.1 update approved by Apple

The twinFruits v1.1.1 update has just been approved by Apple.

Expect the update to be available within the next 24 hours.


Today we have submitted our newest app “Living Smart TV” to Apple. The app binds all content and media produced by the danish techblogger Kenneth “Wedmore” Lund.

The app has been developed as an “universal binary”, meaning that the same app runs both on iPhone and iPad.

The screenshots has been taken from the iPhone 4 version.


twinFruits update v1.1.1

Today we have submitted en minor update of the twinFruits game to Apple. The updates fixes a couple of errors, when playing the game on some of the new iOS devices (iPod, iPad running iOS 4.2)

The update will automatically be available on your device, when it’s available in the App Store.


We just wanted to post a little preview of one of the new games we are currently working on. Enjoy!

The game is still in an early stage, and the above screenshot is from a dev / debug version of the game.

The game uses a really cool parallax feature, adding depth to the entire game.

Running on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


Life as an indie software company is GREAT!

But as an indie, I think the importance of gathering information and keeping yourself up to date, is something that has to prioritized high in the everyday schedule. Personally I use Twitter, blogs, podcasts etc. as a daily source.

In this post I’ll try to gather *the best* sources of influence as an iOS developer and list of usefull tools we all can use as indie developers. But I see this as an ongoing process, so PLEASE give me feedback with YOUR additions to the lists and I will update them, to keep them as complete as possible. Use the comments section or send me a message on Twitter @kentfonager.


  • idevblogaday – a group of indie developers that want to blog more regularly. Each day of the week is assigned to 2 people. Each person writes in his own blog about whatever he wants
  • Aral Balkan – a Renaissance Geek with over a decade of experience in designing and developing apps on mobile, web, and desktop
  • Gabriel Rinaldi – a collection of anything the author think is worth sharing. Mainly related to development, trends, tech or Apple
  • COCOANETICS – about all the things the author am learning while trying to master iPhone application development
  • Games from Within – Indie iPhone game development
  • IPHONE DEVELOPMENT – a programmer and author currently focused on the iPhone and Mac platforms
  • iPhone Development Blog – Tips and Tricks for iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS Developers
  • iPhoneFlow – iPhone Development Links
  • [iPhone developer:tips]; – Tips and tricks from experienced iOS, iPhone and iPad developers…
  • Mobile Orchard – The iPhone App Developers’ Blog: iPhone Programming, Developer News, Interviews And Tutorials
  • Mundue Blog – Indie iPhone Development
  • Parade of Rain – indie game development
  • struct.ca – iOS game development
  • Tapity – Two bros learning and sharing strategies to build successful iPhone apps
  • Use Your Loaf – [[BRAIN ENGAGE] WRITE]
  • Ray Wenderlich – a freelance software developer currently focusing on iPhone and iPad development. Lots of GREAT articles
  • How to make iPhone Apps – Get started with Cocoa-Touch and iPhone Programming today

Twitter connections worth following:

  • @rwenderlich – a freelance software developer currently focusing on iPhone and iPad development
  • @SnappyTouch – Indie iPhone game developer and writer. Creator of Flower Garden and Lorax Garden for the iPhone

Help foras:

  • StackOverflow – a collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers – regardless of platform or language. It’s 100% free, no registration required.
  • iphonedevsdk – the community for the iPhone developer community

Usefull development tools:

  • TexturePacker – TexturePacker is a tool to create sprite sheets or sprite atlasses without manual interaction!
  • IOS Beta Builder – install your beta iPhone software without ever using iTunes at all!
  • Dropbox – a great tool for synchronizing files across computers and platforms

Great websites:

  • Cocos-2D – a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications
  • AppFigures – a utility application by Fileitup Media that lets iPhone application developers view their downloads, updates, and profits using interactive charts and browsable data that’s easy to view and understand