twinFruits is FREE for a limited period

Starting from today, twinFruits is FREE for a limited time period. Go get it and start competing with alle your facebook friends or aim for the worlds rankings :-)

And remember the next update will give your MULTIPLAYER, so you can play against your friends via Game Center.

Download twinFruits on iTunes for FREE

Please remember to make a nice review of the game, if you like this FREE game from Netcoders ApS ;-)


Oldest twinFruits player ever ?

Today our game twinFruits was reviewed in a danish TV show, and in this review there is a story of an 90 years old woman, who has become addicted to playing twinFruits, and now she even had gotten her very own iPad.

That is really cool news, we wanted to create a “casual game” and news like this makes us feel like we have accomplished that.

See the clip here : http://livingsmart.dk/2010/10/14/ekstraudsendelse-twin-fruits-maske-arets-mest-vanedannende-spil/


Today we realized that our game twinFruits recently was picked for the “What’s Hot” section in the Apple AppStore.

We are really proud of this and glad that even Apple like our game.

Also, with upadte v1.1 of twinFruits its even more fun to play the game, and we have seen alot of Facebook players competing against their friend, with their own personalized highscore system.

Again, enjoy the game ;-)


twinFruits v1.1 update in the AppStore

twinFruits v.1.1 update is now available in the AppStore, adding the following :

★ New and improved highscore system
★ Added higscores for : World, Facebook and Local
★ Added new highscore type : Rank – see you position among all players
★ Fixed minor graphical errors on iPhone / iPod Touch versions
★ When game ends, it will now show any swap positions possible
★ Fixed Facebook Connect session timeout.


Netcoders developing app for Living Smart TV show

Netcoders have begun development on a new iPhone / iPad  app for the danish TV show “Living Smart TV”, which airs on the danish TV channel DK4 every thursday nights.

The app will bind all content and media produced by the danish techblogger Kenneth “Wedmore” Lund into an app, and the TV show will also feature the development of their new app (developed by Netcoders).

The 2. episode which aired this thursday night (23. september 2010), featured footage from the Netcoders offices – see the episode (and us!) here :

http://livingsmart.dk/2010/09/23/living-smart-tv-udsendelse-002 (forward to 8 minutes)

You can read Kenneths blog and see the tv show from here :



twinFruits reviewed in 24 Timer newspaper

Today our game twinFruits have been reviewed in the danish newspaper 24 Timer :


The danish gaming portal www.gamere.dk has made a review of twinFruits and has awarded it with a stunning 8 out of 10 stars.

Especially the integration with Facebook got some nice words from the reviewer.

You can read the entire  review here (in danish) : http://www.gamere.dk/ds-psp-og-mobil/ds-psp-a-mobil-anmeldelser/708


twinFruits now available in the App Store

Our first game, twinFruits, is now available wordwide in the Apple App Store.

We have released the game with an intro price of 50% off the regular price, so go buy the game for DKK 6 / USD 0.99 – its a time limited offer so dont hesitate to buy it :-)

Go to game on iTunes here : twinFruits on iTunes


twinFruits game is finished!

Today we are extremely happy to announce that our first iOS game, twinFruits, finally is ready and has been shipped to Apple for approval.

The game is an action puzzle game, with fast paced action, crisp graphics ( animations and a nice soundtrack.

The game runs on both iPod Touch, iPhone 3G(s), iPhone 4 and iPad – so when you buy the game, you will get a game running on several platforms, and more importantly, the game is taking advantage of ie. highres Retina displays.

We will now have to wait for the Apple approval process to go thru, and expect the game to be ready for download in the middle of next week.

Thanks to Allan, Leise, Palle, Peter, Tony L. and Willu for feedback and testing during development.


The YAKKAY app is now available in the AppStore

Today the YAKKAY app is finally available in the AppStore. Its an app developed for the Danish design company YAKKAY A/S.

Read more about the app on this page