Software Development Center


HQSoftware lab Tell us, would you trust your project – your brainchild, your dream – in the hands of non-professionals? To hose who has only an idea of the complexity of the work ahead? Surely, you’ll say “No!” and it will be correct. Because each software product, by definition, should meet your requirements even in the smallest details. We offer you the realization of your ideas into reality – offshore software development center is ready to develop software for IT-projects of any complexity and configuration, besides you can give us outsourcing the whole project or its part. Professionalism in the details If you have neither the time nor the means or the desire to create within your thriving or start-up company IT-department, who will be your guide in the virtual world, we are ready to take on this difficult work. Custom software development is our main specialization. Our company hqsoftwarelab works in the market of creating complex software solutions for 15+ years. Our experts have experience of creating competitive software solutions and information systems for many business areas: banking and finance, telecommunications, healthcare, sales, advertising and marketing, training, etc. We do not work on standard patterns, every project for us as a clean slate where we, with your help, of course, are writing a new story.
The philosophy of our company is personal approach, so every order is a separate opportunity for the manifestation of creativity (within reasonable size) and professional experience.
The company HQSoftware assembled a team of the most competent specialists with experience in different technologies: Java, C# (.Net), C++, JavaScript, HTML5. Therefore, we, being the true professionals, we can romp through almost any problem. Our expertise Aspiration to knowledge + unconventional approach – that is our concept of custom software development.
Under the order we perform the following services:
– software development, which aims to automate the business processes of your company; – in order to enable you to collect, process and manage your valuable information, we will create the database and teach you how to work with it;
– the creation of a corporate and mobile web applications (Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone), Windows Mobile), also mobile web sites;
– if you already have in the development of several products, we will be able to integrate them efficiently;
– 3rd party software customization, warranty and technical support developed software.
For the entire period of our activity we have successfully implemented many projects for the development of IT-systems including: Internet enterprise solutions; desktop, web and mobile apps, enterprise management system and customer relationships, integrated financial solutions for with the introduction of tools to improve data security and much more. Privacy is another of our forte, which we can be proud of. All materials with a detailed description of our projects we keep in the strictest confidence. If you want to see some of our developments and case studies, we can reveal curtain for you and show you how it looks like – a real quality product. Cooperation at the highest level Cooperation with our dedicated development team will bring you not only great results, but fun.
With us “your game will on by your rules”. Already at the first meeting you decide on which way of cooperation would be better to go – to create a project with a fixed contract costs; to pay for services upon the cost of performed work; order customized software development services for one purpose/ to implement the project in the complex. Our partners are the face of our company, and we leave a piece of yourself in each project. And it works – almost 90% of our new clients come to us by recommendation and positive reviews. But we are not going to stop because we still have a long road to perfection. Join us, it will be interesting!